This is the third picture I draw for my friends.

This picture increase Ms. Ciao and Little Bum of  Belly-Cut Group (BCG) and Oh-Yun of  Penguin Group(PG).

Can you see my advantage?

Maybe you didn't think so= =

Put the answer in your mind....(I don't have enough courage to listen>"<)

The orange in the buttom of the picture on behalf of another people who concerned me sometimes.

You con see most of my friend in the picture changes a lot.

For example, Penguin's curly hair, Oh-Yun's ______ hair.(I didn't know what the hairstyle is= =)

Everyone was changing day by day....

According to the Blue Gate, "What we reserve what adult we are."

What a spectacular adolescense we have!!

I hope everyone will be good in such a urgent time!!

(the end)


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