Yesterday afternoon, I felt something wrong with me.

I didn't care about that. 

I look upon the wrong as a small case.

I thought I must have a bed sleep.

if I went to sleep earlier, I'll recover from this trouble.

However, I still suffered from this illness today.

I was convinsed that I have a sore throat.

What a terrible thing it is!

By contrast with the illness yesterday, today is even more serious.

I went to see the dr. Mai

To my amazement, he was relaxed and reading the newspaper in front of the door.

He asked me what I was wrong with a carefree mood.

He said that he'll check my throat.

Dr. Mai : "A...A....." (He always takes me as a small child= =")

He put some medicament on my throat.

Then he made me sit in front of a mechine with a long tube.

He said this machine could clean my throat.

That is a odd machine that I have ever use...

As the result, I have to take a medicine four times a dayˊˋ"

I wanna recover from the illness as soon as possible...

(the end)

Welcome to find out my mistake~

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